Tennis with 21st Century and Lambs Elementary

John Farrelly, a LYTA coordinator recently led the LYTA Lamb’s 21st Century After school 2018 program. Students worked on tennis skills, fitness, and team work. 

21st Century students from Lambs Elementary after school program participated in a free program provided by the LYTA. Students were taught Quick Start 10 and Under tennis skills designed by the USTA. 

Activities included taking care of equipment, holding the racket, forehand and backhand shots and fun tennis games. Students also learned social skills such as learning to accept defeat and to keep trying. Tremendous gains were seen in only a short time. All participating students will be auditioned to play in the upcoming Elementary School League run by Peggy Bohne out of Charleston Tennis Center. The children are seeing practicing in the hallways and on the QuickStart Courts provided by the USTA as a part of the Best Tennis Town in America award in 2010. Tyzell Richardson is seen as an instructor in the program. He helped design the instruction implemented. Tyzell is graduating from high school this year, hoping to go into tennis and business. He was a former Lambs player starting when he was in 3rd grade and has continued to help students every year in after school, training and summer programs since then. His skills, patience and compassion to help students the same way tennis helped him will be missed.