Youth School Tennis Team 2019 Wrapup

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Dunston and Sanders Clyde tennis teams this season. Students and parents had a great time Tuesday at our match with students using the traits of both schools. We are looking forward to the students transferring their social skills learned on the tennis courts into the school environment and see our students back on the courts next year.

Congratulations to Jasmine Aye from Sanders Clyde for receiving the Lowcountry Youth Tennis Association Coach of the Year Award. Very deserved. – Remember Jasmine, I have witnesses who heard you say you would captain the team next year! Thanks again Cindy, Brenda and Susie who without you guys it wouldn’t be possible to have the level of play that your students exhibited. I was jealous that your team had better serves then Dunston!

Thanks to Tyra Johnson for being at all the Dunston matches and being a great advocate to our parents and students and to Margaret Dixon who helped with all the Dunston Red Ball matches.

Thanks to Peggy Bachofner with First Serves for helping with our Dunston red and orange ball teams practice.
Thanks for Mike and Scott from Danny Jones for letting us use the courts and letting Dunston have a “home” to play from.
Thanks to Tyzell Richardson who instead of going to college next year is going to stay at home and continue to help me with teams. (Joking)

Final thanks to Peggy Bohne who sets up these opportunities for students across the Lowcountry year after year.