Lowcountry Youth Tennis Association

Changing Lives Through Tennis


Philip Burke

Board member

I started playing tennis at the age of 7. My father introduced me and my younger brother to the game. We played most of the time at the Jack Adams Tennis Courts with the older friends of my father. We also played with our peer group at Charleston Tennis Center. I didn’t play tennis from age 12-17, but started again when I walked onto the Francis Marion University Tennis Team. At some point in 1998, I took a break from my job and started teaching tennis part-time at St. Andrew’s Parks and Playground. I am currently the Tennis Director.

Over the years I’ve played competitively and taught competitive players. I played in the LCTA, and also served as a level coordinator for the LCTA. Along with coaching many very accomplished local juniors, I've coached USTA Youth Zonal teams.

There are many aspects to my role at St. Andrew's including directing tournaments and supporting local tennis in numerous ways. I’ve spent most of my time building and supporting recreational tennis for both adults and youth. I think it is important adults have the ability to enjoy the game as a chosen way to enhance the quality of their lives. Children need to be supported to build their self-esteem and enhance the quality of their childhood experiences. I consider that to be is one of my biggest responsibilities, and serving on the LYTA Board would help me fulfill this responsibility. 

I'm very grateful and content with my personal tennis journey. What is much more relevant to me is how tennis is and isn't impacting our community. I feel that Charleston should be proud of its tennis program, but I believe there is still much we could do to better support the youth of our community. By joining the LYTA and contributing to its programs, I would be helping myself achieve this important goal in my life.